Concert by Ewout

by : Pieter - 2022-07-21 - 269 views

Concert by Ewout
Sunday the 23rd of June in Manezinho (22h.) 

One more opportunity to hear Ewout (the best blues singer of Portugal according to many) in Manezinho. As a blues performer and singer-songwriter Ewout Adriaans is second to none. Ewout’s guitar style betrays the fact that he started his career as a drummer. For him the guitar is first and for all a percussive instrument. It provides a firm rhythmic basis for the chord progression of the song and melodic embellishments with the slide. One can hear the influence of players like Robert Johnson and Keith Richards. A defining moment was the meeting with hill blues legend R.L. Burnside in 1995, on the Texel Blues Festival. “In the couple of hours I spent on stage with Burnside I learned more about the blues than in a lifetime of playing”, Ewout recalls. Since then the pumping rhythmic style typical for the hill blues, perhaps closer to the African roots than any other form of blues, has been his trademark.

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