Urban Sketchers on São Jorge

by : Pieter - 2022-07-03 - 389 views

Urban Sketchers on São Jorge
Last week Urban Sketcher Alexandra Baptista came to our little island to help us create a local group. We had a very nice evening in Museu Francisco de Lacerda with help of Catarina Dias. Here ia a sketch of two girls Iris Rodrigues and Cátia Silva drawing each other. It alway surprises me how much talent one finds if just create the opportunities to manifest itself
On Thursday we did a session at the Cheese Factory (Queijaria Canada) in Santo Amaro. Where a number of new Sketchers joined us. We got a tour around the factory by the manager and tasted some of the delicious cheese. A great place to do some sketching.

Next meeting of the Urban Sketchers is in Art Restaurant Manezinho on Sunday the 24th of July at 14h.

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